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The Latest: Celebrating Notre Dame

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Internationally acclaimed recitalist Kimberly Marshall performs a musical celebration of Notre Dame (Paris) on the largest mean-tone organ in the world, the North German Baroque organ in Gothenburg, Sweden. Schola Gothia, the renowned women's choir, joins her in music honoring the Virgin Mary.

Solo Recordings




(on the occasion of the 500th anniversary of this collection), recorded on the Paul Fritts organ at Arizona State University

Loft recordings, LRCD -1124, 2012



Five Centuries of organ Fantasies on the Richards-Fowkes organ at Pinnacle Presbyterian Church, Scottsdale, Arizona (with accompanying DVD) Loft Recordings, LRCD -1108, 2009



The Earliest Organ Music, recorded on the Edskes-Blank organ in the Predigerkirche, Basel, Switzerland; Loft Recordings, LRCD 1047, 2004



recorded on the Fritts organ at Arizona State University; Loft Recordings, LRCD 1029, 2002



15th-20th Century Organ Music by Women Composers, recorded on the Rosales organ at Trinity Episcopal Church, Portland, Oregon; Loft Recordings LRCD 1021; 2000



Italian Renaissance Organ Music on the Piffaro Organ, 1519; Pickwick Group, PCD 971; 1991; reissued by Loft Recordings, 2002.



recorded on the Fisk organ at Stanford University; Loft Recordings, LRCD 1024; 2000.



recorded on the Fisk organ at Stanford University; Loft Recordings LRCD 1025; 2000 (originally released by the Pickwick Group, PCD 965).



            Antonio de Cabezón, project sponsored by the Quinto Centenario España; Auvidis Valois, V 4645; 1992. 



           Organ Music from four centuries played on the Littlefield house organ; Pickwick Group, PCD 1005; 1992.


Frescobaldi played on an authentic Italian organ from 1742, now located at Arizona State University, Loft Recordings; LRCD 1116.

The first recording made on the new Richards-Fowkes organ in Handel's parish church in London., Handelian themes, and Bach; first organ American-built instrument in London; Loft Recordings.

Collaborative Recordings

Dunhuang Fantasy for Organ and Chamber Wind Ensemble

Chen Yi's Dunhuang Fantasy for organ and orchestra with the Singapore Symphony  BIS 2003.

Liturgical Music of the Emancipated Jew, with Erik Contzius, cantor, recorded on the Murray-Harris Organ at Stanford University; Loft Recordings LRCD 1011; 1999.

Kimberly Marshall’s compact disc recordings feature music of the Italian and Spanish Renaissance, French Classical and Romantic periods, and works by J. S. Bach. 

Her most recent CD celebrates the music of Arnolt Schlick on the 500th anniversary of its publication (2012).

A CD/DVD set entitled A Fantasy Through Time was released on the Loft label in 2009, receiving effusive reviews, as did her recording of Chen Yi’s organ concerto with the Singapore Symphony on the BIS label (2003).

She has also made a recording of works for organ by female composers, Divine Euterpe, that includes music by Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel, Elfrida Andrée, and Ethyl Smyth.

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