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Late-Medieval Repertoire

for Rosie's House

This series is a practical introduction to late-medieval organ music, with Kimberly Marshall speaking directly into the camera from the keyboard of the Fritts organ at Arizona State University.  Each episode centers around a genre, providing historical background as well as ideas for the interpretation of a specific work. Dr. Marshall has edited all of the pieces discussed in the videos in her Anthology of Late-Medieval Organ Music, published by Wayne Leupold Editions in 2000 (found by clicking here). I hope that these simple videos will inspire you to reclaim our earliest music, and also to make a contribution to Rosie’s House via my fundraising page, click here.  This is a tangible way that you can fight the effects of COVID-19 and the inequities in our society at the same time.  We are all in this together!


The current pandemic has made us all search for ways to help those who are suffering from the economic effects of the COVID-19 confinement. I am committed to a wonderful organization, Rosie’s House, that provides music lessons to underserved youth in the Phoenix area.  Their mission is to use musical training to support youth as they develop their full potential.  The success of Rosie’s House is extraordinary: all of the high school seniors who graduated in 2019 were attending university in the fall, this from a demographic at high risk for gang violence and teen pregnancy. Needless to say, the COVID-19 confinement has created enormous challenges for us, as we had to cancel our gala and change our music instruction to an online platform.


In an attempt to sustain the students of Rosie’s House, I have prepared a series of instructional videos on interpreting late-medieval organ music.  You all have extra time now to take up some new hobbies at home…why not expand your knowledge of our repertoire back to the beginnings in the 14th century? You can wow your students, colleagues and congregations with music from the dawn of notated instrumental music! To see the entire repertoire on my YouTube channel, click here now. Thank you!

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