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Johann Sebastian Bach

Kimberly Marshall is highly regarded for her interpretations of Bach's organ music.  She brings to her Bach performances a keen understanding of the early baroque styles that influenced Bach, as demonstrated in her three CD recordings:





The opening of the Iron Curtain just after this historic visit benefited cultural exchange. Kimberly has since been a frequent visitor to Germany, performing on the famous organs at St. Jacobi, Hamburg, and at St. Wenzelskirche, Naumburg, which Bach examined with Gottfried Silbermann in 1746.

Her time on these historic instruments has given her a clearer understanding of the context in which Bach’s organ music was composed. Her Bach interpretations are informed by firsthand experience of the timbres and acoustics for which Bach conceived his music, considering also various technical aspects of the key action and pipe voicing.


One of Kimberly’s areas of interest is the changing aesthetic of performing Bach’s organ music in the 20th century, as documented in sound recordings. She has presented on this topic at several conferences, and she has edited a collection of articles that discuss information contained in recordings of the organ:


Kimberly performing the annual Bach recital (third time) at St. Mark's  Cathedral, Seattle, 2011

Kimberly performing on the Hildebrandt-style organ by Fritz Noack at Christ the King Lutheran Church, Houston

J.S. Bach in the Arizona desert?

“Cycles of Interpretation in Recordings of Bach’s Organ Music,” in The Organ in Recorded Sound: An Exploration of Timbre and Tempo, ed. Kimberly Marshall (Göteborg: Göteborg Organ Art Center, 2012).


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