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Italian Renaissance   

Kimberly’s engagement with Italian music began when she attended the Pistoian Summer Organ Academy with Luigi Tagliavini in 1984. At that time, the Japanese builder Hiroshi Tsuji was made an honorary citizen of the city of Pistoia in recognition of his work with Italian historical organs, particularly for his restoration of the Agati-Tronci organ in the Church of the Filipini.  Kimberly participated in a reconstruction of a Frescobaldi Organ Mass on that occasion.  She has returned to Pistoia many times to perform, teach and adjudicate, most recently as a member of the jury for the Pistoian International Organ Academy 2013.




An expert in the field of Italian Renaissance organ music (16th century), Kimberly Marshall has researched this repertoire extensively, culminating in an article and CD recording:


“Voce strumentale: Organ Music of the Italian Renaissance”

GOArt Research Reports 2, Sverker Jullander, ed. (Göteborg: Göteborg Organ Art Center, 2000): 11-23.


Sienese Splendor

Italian Renaissance Organ Music on the Piffaro Organ, 1519

reissued by Loft Recordings, 2002.







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