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Arnolt Schlick and Meantone Repertoire

To celebrate the 500th anniversary of the first printed organ music in 2012, Kimberly Marshall released a recording of Arnolt Schlick’s Tabulaturen etlicher lobgesang (Mainz, 1512).





Arnolt Schlick (on the occasion of its 500th anniversary, 2012)



Schlick’s compositions for the organ reveal a high level of artistry, including trio textures, imitation between voices, and virtuosic pedal passages. 




Selected pieces are found in Kimberly’s anthology:


Renaissance Organ Music 1500-1550

Vol. 6 of the series Historical Organ Techniques and Repertoire. Colfax, North Carolina: Wayne Leupold Publishing, 2004


Kimberly’s performance of Schlick’s massive 10-part setting of Ascendo ad patrem meum is recorded in this youtube video:

Both toes and heels play up to four pedals simultaneously!


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